Tom Jikomes was born in Waukegan, Illinois in 1965 to middle-class Greek immigrants. He was raised in Gurnee, Illinois and graduated from Warren Township High School in 1983. Tom worked full time for a plastic display company while studying Small Business Management and Marketing. Over the course of 9 years, he worked his way from sweeping floors to VP of Sales and knew the only way to keep growing would be to start his own company. So, in October 1992, he resigned on a Friday and on the following Monday, opened Acrylic Design at 2409 52nd St. in Kenosha, WI. He recruited 2 of the top production guys to help him and built the business from zero to $1.2 Million in 6 years. With the tremendous growth in the first 3 years came tremendous financial stress and Tom decided to merge his company with a larger company, taking cash and access to a large line of credit. In 1997, Tom designed and oversaw the building of a 20,000 square foot facility. In 2000, Tom decided to leave the partnership and to pursue other interests. He became interested in marketing ever since featuring himself in a local business publication and telling his story. The concept intrigued him and he began to develop the concept in the back of his mind for what would eventually become American Dream Magazine.


Lost In Hollywood


Before he would eventually launch American Dream Magazine in 2010, he decided to pursue his lifelong passion for acting and film production. In 2001, he developed a reality TV show concept with a partner and after developing the concept on paper, they executed their plan by filming a pilot episode in July 2001. The show titled "FOUR PLAY - EXTREME DOUBLE DATING" combined "Blind Date" with "Fear Factor". The pilot episode was filmed and included two male friends and two female friends who never met the other pair of friends, go out on an extreme double date. They filmed a pilot episode in California in 2001 that included the four players all jumping out of helicopters, into the ocean and jet ski racing to shore to open the show. That was followed by a series of challenges throughout the day that gave each player points. The player with the most points at the end of the day got to choose whom they wanted to share the grand prize vacation for two with. The concept was well-received throughout the film community but the selling process was derailed by 9-11 and the concept was shelved.  Tom is working on the resurrection of the project that he plans to film in Chicago in 2019. 


One Day Two Legends


Through the process, Tom developed experience and knowledge that has served him throughout his continuing career in film and entertainment and he was fortunate enough to meet Joe Esposito, Elvis Presley's best friend and road manager in 2004. As a big Elvis fan, Tom was enamored by befriending Joe and as the relationship developed, Tom and his life partner Stephanie developed the idea for a documentary about the day The Beatles met Elvis. Tom approached Joe about the idea and Joe agreed to make the film. So Tom and Stephanie flew out to Las Vegas to shoot the interview with Joe in his home. Joe had arranged to take them to the only hotel Elvis ever played in and they were given access to Elvis' old suite. There they got to interview Joe with Trent Carlini, who was the resident Elvis tribute artist. From that interview, spawned the idea to interview other ETA's and the concept immediately started growing. While having dinner with Joe, Joe began speaking about all the famous artists that he has met and who were all enamored with Elvis. From that conversation, interviews with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Barry Gibb of The Bee Gees and more were booked. 

American Dream Magazine

When Tom began his acrylic display business in 1992, he knew nothing about marketing. He spent thousands on an ad in the Thomas Register because "every time I went in to see a Purchasing Agent as a Salesman, they always had the set of Thomas Register books behind them." So that was a big gamble on a hunch. After the ad came out, Tom got a call from a company in Texas to design a display. He designed the display, built a prototype and shipped it to Texas. The company ordered 5000 units. The idea had paid off and Tom was no longer losing sleep over the idea that he had made a big mistake. That company has been ordering 20,000+ displays from Tom every year since to this day. Tom has long since sold off the assets of the company but still brokers business to manufacturers in Chicago, Milwaukee and across the country.

So after developing the concept to promote entrepreneurs with a marketing platform that would help teach entrepreneurs how to grow their business quickly and efficiently, Tom decided to launch American Dream Magazine. Today, Tom has tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in his database and is helping entrepreneurs across Chicago land grow their primary business and CREATE RESIDUAL INCOME.


Power Networking Club

The Power Networking Club was designed to help Entrepreneurs grow their primary business and teach them how to CREATE RESIDUAL INCOME. I was producing one monthly Power Networking Lunch to attract Entrepreneurs and recruit them into a residual income stream business. I signed up 8 people at one lunch event and decided on that day to expand the concept to multiple lunches all over Chicago land. I immediately developed a business plan and started executing. I spoke to everyone I met about the concept, starting selling memberships and publishing their AMERICAN DREAM STORIES. The concept included the publication of their story, printing brochures, digital marketing and access to all Power Networking Events. I drudged my way through all the basic roadblocks and discarded dead weight and negative people as quickly as they showed themselves. I have built a great core group of people, some whom I have known for years and others I have just met through this process and The Club is quickly developing into what it was designed to be - the most efficient way for Entrepreneurs to grow their primary business and teach them about RESIDUAL INCOME. We publish the events on our website POWERNETWORKINGCLUB.COM and keep meeting Entrepreneurs throughout Chicago land and adding new locations. We sell Sponsorships for each location and the sponsor's banner is put up at every monthly event and we film everyone's 30-second pitch in front of the banners to provide the Sponsor with exponential marketing exposure. The videos are posted and re-posted on multiple social media platforms all year round.