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Roy was born in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1965 to a middle class blue collar family. He grew up in Gurnee, Illinois and graduated from Warren Township High School in 1983. He played High School football, wrestled and lifted weights in the off-season, which sparked his interest in fitness & wellness. Roy continued with recreational sports and exercising after High School while he worked in the automobile industry. In 1987 Roy felt that he was going nowhere fast in his job/life and joined the Marine Corps with a buddy. He had always wanted to travel the world and be a "bad ass." In October of 1987 Roy entered the United States Marine Corps boot camp in San Diego, California. His life would never be the same. He spent the holidays in boot camp and was the first graduating class of 1988. After completing the School of Infantry & Security Forces training Roy was assigned to the Marine Detachment on board the USS Constellation CV64. He spent almost two years on the aircraft carrier floating around the world from Pearl Harbor, to Pakistan, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines and crossing the equator on the way to Australia. Not only did he have a lot of fun in the different ports-of-call with his fellow Marines, but he absorbed some of the local cultures at the same time.

Roy's next orders were across the United States at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina reporting to Weapons Company 1st Battalion, 6th Marines (1/6). In "the fleet" Roy did what he signed up for -  infantry. Roy was with his Battalion in Okinawa, Japan doing jungle training when Desert Shield broke out in 1990. They all waited to find out if they would be called up. It wasn't long before they got the word that 1/6 was deploying to Saudi Arabia to be one of the first on the ground. After arriving in country Roy didn't waste time helping set up camp and was constantly on the move from that point forward ending up on the border of Kuwait when Desert Storm started on January 17, 1991. The ground war didn't last long before the ceasefire was announced, but it was full of surprises for Roy and the rest of the coalition forces. After camping outside of Kuwait City and helping those impacted in the vicinity, in April of 1991 Roy and his comrades returned from Desert Storm and stepped back on American soil. Roy said it was one of the happiest days of his life! What made him even more proud was seeing all the yellow ribbons around trees and mailboxes. Now every time Roy sees an American flag or sings the National Anthem it takes on a whole new meaning!

Roy got out of the Marine Corps that same year and jumped right into the corporate rat race in the security field. Roy used the GI Bill to start his educational journey. He completed his Masters in Business Administration in 2011 while working, applying his studies and helping others with their health and wealth. 


Throughout the years Roy was determined to find financial security and take control of his health. In 2008 Roy found his way to better health and financial freedom with Reliv International and began educating others about the opportunity. Reliv International is a natural extension of his desire to lend a hand. "In order to make life better, you have to get better.” Reliv was Roy's answer to improving his blood sugar levels, better energy, an increase in performance/recovery during sports and exercising, plus a boost to his immune system. Roy realized early the benefits Reliv has been offering people around the world for over 30 years! Roy has seen Reliv become a leader in nutritional epigenetics with clinically proven formulas. As it turns out, LunaRich is more than just an ingredient; it is the first epigenetic super food! The products Roy offers are of the highest quality, cutting edge, and protected by patents. This combination gives Roy a nutritional approach to optimum health at a time when people are demanding new solutions to an unprecedented health care crisis. The Reliv product line - that delivers results - is complimented with an international business opportunity that people around the world are doing from the comforts of their homes, on the beach with the family and anywhere they can connect. Roy witnesses the value of this opportunity every time he sees the joy in people's faces as they take control of their health and finances. He helps them help others and earn an income as they go. Roy calls that the “paychecks of the heart.” When Roy went through shoulder surgery in 2015 he used Reliv to keep the inflammation in check and help him survive physical therapy. What drives his business is Reliv has something for everyone and he loves sharing that!

Roy believes this opportunity will only improve as Reliv International paves the way for a more profound impact on future generations through both nutritional epigenetics and residual income. Roy takes full advantage of the ease of getting started, proven success system and a supportive team, while talking with others. As Independent Reliv Distributors, we get paid to help others in body, mind & spirit. Roy is excited about that and incorporates all three elements as a Yoga Instructor.

Roy continues to help others by giving back as a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), USO, and other veterans organizations, his church and sharing the Reliv opportunity. Call him today to learn more (847) 970-1906.










Roy is getting ready to retire from his Corporate Security job after 25+ years of service and is looking forward to becoming a Full Time Entrepreneur living life on his own terms! Semper Fi!


These friends have shared many adventures together through the yearsand both of 

them are still very active, competitive and 

thriving thanks to a well nourished Reliv

body. Competing with and against each othersince Track in Junior High School, the friends are working out together whenever their

schedules allow, studied martial arts together and Roy has even coaxed Tom into competing with him in Rugged Maniac and 

Spartan events. Roy won their first outing in 2018 and has motivated Tom to ramp up his


Roy is getting ready to retire from his Corporate Security job after 25+ years of service and is looking forward to becoming a Full Time Entrepreneur living life on his own terms! Semper Fi!


fitness regimen to try and dethrone him in 2019. Be sure to follow their competition and trash 

talking on social media.



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