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A 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP includes the publication of YOUR AMERICAN DREAM STORY in the format of a 4 page full color brochure which we will attach to our website and send out to our network. You will receive 100 printed copies. You'll receive Unlimited Vendor tables at our Power Expos for the 1 year period and earn referral fees from other Entrepreneurs that join The Club referred by you. If you're interested, we will also teach you how to CREATE RESIDUAL INCOME and help you build that income by leveraging our

MARKETING POWER to help you attract other Entrepreneurs.

The cost of a one-year membership is $1995

Vendor Tables are $250 per event.

You receive Unlimited Free Table at all Expos with your 1 Year membership.


Business Name_________________________

 Owner's Name__________________________




Email address_____________________________

The Business Owner above dba the business named above agrees to pay $1995 for a 1 Year Membership in the  POWER NETWORKING CLUB for a 1 year period starting _______________ and ending exactly 1 year later.

As a Member of the POWER NETWORKING CLUB, they agree to the following rules:

1) They will conduct themselves in a professional manner in all interactions with the PNC and it's Vendors, Members, Sponsors and all Affiliates.

2) They will make an effort to exhibit their business at as many POWER EXPOS as possible to MAXIMIZE the benefit of Membership, including the participation of filming videos for their business, going LIVE on Facebook for the other vendors and posting/promoting all PNC events and the videos of their fellow Vendors, Members and Sponsors, except for direct competitors.

3) They agree to film monthly POWER TALKS: 10 - 15 minute zoom interviews to further MAXIMIZE the potential of the PNC to PROMOTE their business for the 1 year period.

We agree to these terms as indicated by our signatures.

Tom Jikomes_________________________ Date____________________

Business Owner___________________________ Date_________________




DISCLAIMER - These rates and rules are subject to change without notice. 

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