The Power Networking Club was designed to help Entrepreneurs grow their  primary business and teach them how to CREATE RESIDUAL INCOME. I was producing one monthly Power Networking Lunch to attract Entrepreneurs and recruit them into a residual income stream business. I signed up 8 people  at one lunch event and decided on that day to expand the concept to multiple                             lunches all over Chicago land. I immediately developed a business plan and started executing. I spoke to everyone I met about the concept, starting selling memberships and publishing their AMERICAN DREAM STORIES. The concept included the publication of their story, printing brochures, digital marketing and access to all Power Networking Events. I drudged my way through all the basic road blocks and discarded dead weight and negative people as quickly as they showed themselves. I have built a great core group of people, some who I have known for years and others I have just met through this process and The Club is quickly developing into what it was designed to be - the most efficient way for Entrepreneurs to grow their primary business and teach them about RESIDUAL INCOME. We publish the events on our website POWERNETWORKINGCLUB.COM and keep meeting Entrepreneurs throughout Chicago land and adding new locations. We sell Sponsorships for each location and the sponsor's banner is put up at every monthly event and we film everyone's 30 second pitch in front of the banners to provide the Sponsor with exponential marketing exposure. The videos are posted and re-posted on multiple social media platforms all year round.

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