The Power Networking Club is designed to help entrepreneurs grow their primary business more efficiently than they ever could on their own and create residual income. By promoting their business to our data base of tens of thousands of Chicago land entrepreneurs, we expose them to more potential business then they could ever reach on their own in years.


We produce several POWER NETWORKING LUNCHES throughout Chicago land every month and video tape our members 30 second pitch every time in order to help them polish their presentation skills and our members help each other grow by re-posting each other's videos and promoting each other.


The cost of a One Year Membership is $1200 and includes:


1) YOUR AMERICAN DREAM STORY in a 4 page full color brochure.


2) We will print 200 copies of  YOUR AMERICAN DREAM STORY for you and 100 for us to promote you. Each Member will receive 200 copies approx. 4-6 weeks after full payment has been made.


3) We will post your videos on our social media platforms and we encourage ALL Members and Sponsors to re-post all videos that do not conflict with their own business.

4) Your Membership insures that you will have EXCLUSIVITY at the location you choose. No competitors to your business will be allowed to attend that location. YOU are also allowed to attend any other lunch locations, as long as YOUR BUSINESS does not compete with a member of that location.

Membership begins on the date we receive your initial payment and is good for 1 FULL YEAR. 


We offer 2 payment options with referral fees to entice members to promote the club:


1) PAY IN FULL - Members who pay their membership in full receive a $300 referral fee for the FIRST FOUR members they recruit and a $100 referral fee for any new members they recruit thereafter.


2) 4 Monthly installments of $300 each. Members who pay $300 per month for 4 months will receive a $100 referral fee for any new members they recruit. Your story will be published digitally and social media/video marketing will begin 3-4 weeks after receipt of first payment. Brochures will be printed 3-4 weeks after receipt of your second payment ($600). If payments are late, no referrals fees are paid out. All referral fees are APPLIED to your outstanding balance until paid in full. After that, you will receive referral fees as electronic payments.


***Referral fees are paid in full or in installments as received. If you referral is paying in installment, you will receive the appropriate percentage as we receive the payments.


are designed to bring our Members aka POWER PARTNERS

and Entrepreneurs throughout Chicago land together for

lunch & networking.



Unless otherwise posted.

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM - Arrive, Order & Network

Every attendee will be responsible to pay for what they order.​

12:00 PM - Welcome Message

12:05 - 1:00 PM - 30 Second Pitches

ALL Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to stand in front of the

group to present their 30 second pitch. ALL CLUB MEMBERS video's

will be posted on multiple social media walls.

ALL POWER PARTNERS are encouraged to

re-post each others video's.

Non- Members will be filmed and posted at our discretion.